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Tsaranii Creations has its beginnings among the looming mountains of Transylvania. I vividly remember that day with those towering mountains and seemingly endless array of ancient forests. It was from this picturesque landscape that a strong desire for quality craftsmanship was born.

Tsaranii’s humble roots began as I was sharing the warmth of a fire among some shepherds in the region. In the distance you could hear the gentle bleating of the sheep as the shepherds were preparing one of their signature dishes—lamb stew. After the obligatory criticism of recent politics, the conversation soon turned to the day’s cheese count and yogurt production. Somehow, we eventually came to talk about those great coats worn by such men made of sheepskin, which are used for protection against those bone-numbing winters in the Carpathian Mountains.

This iconic image stayed with me even after I left. Always having a great appreciation for hand crafted items; I took a special interest in leather from an early age. I remember how, from a young age, I would take great pains in tanning various skins to achieve that smooth, tough texture in deerskins especially. Eventually I began making various things from these skins and the interest only grew from there.

Oftentimes, I would ask for advice from either of my grandmothers as both of them had worked in the leather & fur industry for many years. They have made more leather coats than I could have imagined and were quite simply experts in this domain. They would advise me on the quality of the leather, various stitching patterns, the endless array of needles and much more.

Eventually I began making things like laptop cases, phone cases, archery quivers etc. but in every item I made, I found a great satisfaction in taking an idea and embodying it into something tangible. The fact that it was now something I could hold in my hand was the reward itself.

I often think back to those days in the Carpathian Mountains and can’t help but feel a sense of appreciation towards those shepherds. Even the name Tsaranii in fact pays tribute to those simple shepherds who unknowingly sparked in me the desire to pursue this idea.

Rest assured that when you purchase a Tsaranii product, you are buying only quality leather goods with no compromise.

Yours truly,

Christopher Zara
Tsaranii Creations

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